Coconut and Mango Overnight Oats

Oats have been my breakfast of choice for a long time – first in the form of banana porridge, then berry porridge, then they sneaked into smoothies and got mixed into pancake batter. Recently, I’ve been enjoying overnight oats. This involved soaking them in liquid overnight (hence the name) and eating cold the next day. I know some people do heat their overnight oats, but I’m yet to try this. Eating them cold allows me to take a jar into work to tuck into at my desk. It’s the ultimate portable breakfast because I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s very neighbourly to fire up my blender first thing in the morning. I normally add pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, sultanas, cinnamon and almond milk to my jars. But the weekends deserve something a bit more special.


This is a simple recipe with few ingredients that gives overnight oats an uplifting tropical twist. Coconut oats are layered with a thick banana and mango smoothie to create something unique and delicious. It’s like cereal and milk, or smoothie and granola, or something in between that picks the best of both and captures it in a jar.

Coconut and mango overnight oats

Serves 1

For the overnight oats:


dessicated coconut

almond milk (or chosen milk)

flaked almonds

For the smoothie:

1 frozen banana

half a mango

more almond milk (or chosen milk)

Note: The amount of ingredients purely depends on the size of your jar. I re-use Bon Maman jam jars to make my oats, and I highly recommend you recycle a jar for this use.

Add a 1cm layer of dessicated coconut to the bottom of the jar. Sprinkle over some flaked almond. Top with oats until the jar is two thirds full. Cover with almond milk until the top of the jar, screw on the lid and store in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, make the mango smoothie by blending the mango, banana and just enough almond milk to help the blender along. You might want to add a little honey, to taste.

Layer your brekafast by adding smoothie to a fresh jar, spooning the oats on top, then continuing until your jar is full. Top with a little extra dessicated coconut and dig in.


I hope you enjoy this recipe. I’m pretty addicted and I’m already thinking of other fruit combinations to try. There’s a raspberry and crushed hazelnuts idea coming to me. What fruity mix would you add? What do you like to have for breakfast? Feel free to leave a comment below, or tell me all about it on Instagram @boowholefoods.


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