10 Tips for a Be Brave Day

I had a couple of comments on the post about my skin to say how brave I was for putting myself out there and showing my blemishes for all to see. I didn’t always feel brave, I don’t feel that way every day now. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that keep my head high on days when I feel like burying myself under the duvet.

Make up is not going to help. It might be tempting to cover up any red parts, but I found I was just adding more bacteria and aggravating my skin whenever I used face make up. I stick to eye shadow and mascara. And I always take it off at night.

Don’t squeeze! The temptation to forcibly remove the lump is huge, I understand, but it’s only going to make it worse in the long run. They will go when they’re ready and not a moment before.

Fix your hair. I found when I spent time on making my hair look good, I felt a lot better about stepping out with a face full of acne.

Wear cute jewellry. I’m an earrings person. I love choosing and wearing a different pair every day. I love it even more when they match my outfit.

You are more than just a pretty face. Celebrate your traits that have nothing to do with your skin or how you look. Remind yourself that you are a fantastic painter or nurse or mum or cook.

Read. I find books that feature heroines overcoming their obstacles inspire me to tackle my day head on too. Badass comic book characters are great for this too.

Spend time with people who love you, the ones who don’t care what you look like. When my face was at its worst and my mouth/chin area was swollen, Lawrence would kiss me on my nose and just that little gesture would make me feel heaps better.

Ignore comments. I didn’t even like the “ooh, that looks sore” remarks. They’re not nasty exactly, but they bring attention back to my blemishes, which is the last place I want it to be! Ignore  whatever is said and swiftly move on to another conversation topic.

Don’t give up hope. Even if you’re having the worst day at work and your face is blotchy and it’s raining – don’t pack it all in. You won’t reach the end of the rainbow if you’re constantly having setbacks. Although, it’s worth mentioning that one off-evening is not going to send you back to square one. We are what we consistently do.

Have fun! Go out. Dance. Have a large glass of wine. Go to the zoo with messy hair and delight in fur seals playing in the water. Don’t let a pimple stop you from having the time of your life.


I hope these tips have proved useful. I repeat some of these to myself when I’m having a particularly tough day, especially the last one. I hope you’ve all got a smashing weekend planned, tell me all about it. I’ll be cooking, of course! Come and see what I’ve been cooking up over on Instagram @boowholefoods 


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