Banana and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

You know what I’ve seen a lot lately. Granola. Everyone on Insta, every cookery book I pick up seems to have a recipe for some kind of granola. Turns out, I’m not that big on granola. I love sweet things, but it seems like a lot to start the day on what is essentially crumbled up flapjack. It’s probably just me. I prefer something lighter for breakfast, refreshing almost, but still with a sweet kick. Enter my first smoothie bowl recipe. It comes together in seconds, is creamy but light on the tummy, and you can add whatever toppings you like. Even granola.


Banana and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1

Add 1 frozen banana, around 10 frozen raspberries, 1 tbsp natural yogurt, a scant half tsp of coconut sugar and enough almond milk to cover. Whizz! You may need to add more almond milk to get your blender to blender.

Serve with toppings – I added a little dessicated coconut and flaked almonds to mine.


I hope you enjoy this simple and quick recipe, be sure to give it a go! I’ve been loving my smoothies now that Spring is round the corner, but to be honest, I had them all through the winter too. What’s your favourite smoothie combination. Tell me all about it.


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