Coconutty – my obsession with all things coconut

Coconut never used to be my thing. My mum would make desiccated coconut fairy cakes, but I insisted she made plain ones too. It could be a very dangerous game of Russian roulette to choose plain vanilla over icky coconut.

I think the change of heart was gradual. It started with Deliciously Ella’s first book that introduced me to coconut oil, then I experimented with coconut milk in a butternut squash curry. The deal was sealed when we spent a month in Thailand and I was having a banana coconut shake every couple of days. It was the perfect way to cool down, as well as being creamy and delicious. Back home in Bristol, I’m at a stage where I make smoothies with coconut sugar, coconut milk, coconut peanut butter and heaps of desiccated coconut sprinkled on top.


Loving the beach life in Thailand.

I’m sure we could have a debate about the fat content in coconut, but it doesn’t particularly concern me. I don’t eat avocados and rarely eat fish or dairy, so I need to get my fats from somewhere! I love that coconut can work with sweet or savoury flavours. Coconut Satay is one of my favourite dishes as is Coconut Dahl as an accompaniment to our curries.  I would love to experiment with coconut aminos too, I’ve seen some amazing recipes using it. I’ve just bought a bag of coconut flour, which I’m really looking forward to baking with. I know the Hemsley sisters have got some good recipes using it.

I think coconut works best with other tropical flavours, like banana and mango. I love Coconut Banana Porridge and Coconut Mango Overnight Oats. I like how it can transport me back to the shores of Koh Tao with just one bite. It’s such a nice feeling on a drizzly day in England.

I can’t do a post about my favourite coconut products with mentioning bae. Meridian Foods Coconut and Peanut nut butter. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. This is my favourite nut butter, and that is a bold statement for a connesuier like me. The texture is perfect, the flavour is bold and it works with everything. I buy it in big tubs now, I’ve acknowledged that I will never be without this staple.

And just when I thought my love for coconut was contained to the kitchen, I came home with this bottle of deliciousness. It’s one of the best body lotions I’ve tried in recent years and it honestly smells incredible.

Do you like coconut? What are your favourite coconutty products? I would love to share recipes too. Feel free to leave a comment in the section down below or come find me on Instagram @boowholefoods 



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