Hello and welcome to Boo Wholefoods. This is my platform for my ideas on food culture and healthy living, alongside recipe posts, tips on living on a budget and showcasing my favourite ingredients and products.

I want to make healthy, wholefood living the new normal. I’m on a mission to show that living a balanced life is not an unattainable dream, but in fact, an easily accessible reality. I believe that what we eat, the exercise we do and how we feel are all connected, all three are key components for a healthy and happy life. I’m also a big believer on using food as a healing tool – you can find more about that in this post, Me and My Skin.

I like coconut, anything made with oats and hazelnut truffles. I am a gluten free foodie due to a severe intolerance. My drink of choice is red wine. I have one sister, my parents run a B&B and I’ve been with my lovely boyfriend for seven years. I live in Bristol and I love exploring the foodie culture nearby.

I post once a week on a Sunday, it’s my favourite day to reflect on the week that has just passed, as well as looking ahead to the future. I love connecting with people through social media to share ideas and provide inspiration. I would love to hear what type of posts you would like to see, so please leave a comment in the section below. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram too. For further enquiries, please email me boowholefoods@gmail.com

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  1. Hiya thanks for dropping by my blog – really appreciate it 🙂 Couldn’t find a place to comment on your Eat well on a budget page but definitely practise this too! I truly believe not-unhealthy, seriously good food that’s affordable is achievable and strive to create recipes that fall in this category 😀

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  2. Nice to meet you! I have a severe intolerance/sensitivity to gluten too. As badly as I feel for you that you suffer so much from it (it’s awful, isn’t it?), it’s nice to have company 🙂 And your food looks amazing! Budget cooking without cheapening nutrition or flavor = my dream come true.

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  3. Hi! Thrilled you dropped by my site. Please do have a look at the post on Dolly Delights. The dog biscuits are for human consumption and I will be adding to it because I have found that the pulp from cold pressed juicing can be used to make great crackers and pastry and am now doing that!

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